Omega Longbows

Product Information


Each Omega built after November 2014 comes with a limited life time warranty applicable to the original owner. At any point should a bow fail due to construction or materials, the customer will be entitled to a replacement or repair for no additional charge. Bows that are found to have been purposefully destroyed, misused, inappropriately stored, improperly strung, altered, or improperly cared for will not be covered under warranty, including the 30 day money back period. 

Monetary refunds are NOT available after the first 30 days from the date of shipment, but all 30 day returns are honored so long as the bow is not damaged or altered.

A $100 deposit can be placed if the waiting list exceeds four weeks to secure a build date, with the remainder to be paid prior to the build start. If an order is cancelled within four weeks of the start date the deposit is nonrefundable. 

Finish damage is not considered a damage to function, but a $195 refinishing fee may be charged for any return where the bow or finish has been damaged or altered. Unfinished models that have been finished and returned are subject to the $195 refinishing fee.

Strings carry no warranty or returns, but bows returned without the string will have the cost of the string deducted from the return ($17).

Any bow that is returned will be the responsibility of the customer to guarantee its safety and handle shipping charges. 

Custom options are subject to availability on replacements, and certain options may require repurchase for the warranty replacement.

Unfinished bows must be completely sealed within one week of delivery, including the fiberglass, nocks, limb edges, and inside of the limb bolt/alignment peg holes. Moisture damage from poor sealing will void warranty. 

Do not narrow the throat/grip of the bow to less than than 1 5/16" in width and 1 5/8" in depth at the narrowest point. If the bow has fiberglass running through the riser, do not sand through the wood on either side or the fiberglass itself. Do not adjust the bow's center shot, file the nock pins, or deepen the overlay under the string. Do not file or adjust the limbs beyond standard sanding for finish. Any of these adjustments will void the warranty. Below is a chart of draw length limits for each bow model and length. Bows must never be over drawn.

Original pre-2017* - - - 62"/ 29" 64"/ 30" 66"/ 32" 
Original 2017 - - - 62"/30" 64"/31" - - 
 Native 56"/ 31" - - - 
 Imperial - 58"*/28" 60"/ 29" 62"/ 30" 64"/ 31" 66"/ 32" 68"/ 33" 70"/34"
 Delta Longbow* - - 62"/ 30" 64"/ 31" 66"/ 32" 
 Delta Shortbow* 56"/31" 

Brace height should be between 6.5" and 8" on all models built after 2013 as measured from the deepest part of the locator to the string. Imperials that are 68-70" long and the Native should be braced between 8" and 8.5". Arrows must weigh a minimum of 8 grains per pound of draw weight. Bows strung without a proper bow stringer will void warranty. Bows must be strung with a bow stringer using at least one rubber pad at all times. Limb bolts must not be tightened excessively. Exceeding these limits will void warranty. Limit two replacements per order. Serial number and broken bow must be supplied when ordering a replacement.

*These models or options are no longer available. 


Q: Which model should I choose?

A: Each model is designed for different applications.The Original is a raw hunting bow at a very competitive price. If you're searching for all-out performance without breaking the bank this is the one for you. The Imperial was designed for target archery. It maximizes smoothness, stability, and forgiveness for anyone looking to compete. The new Native is designed for anyone looking for a compact bow that doesn't compromise smoothness or performance. This bow works well not only for hunters, but small-framed shooters, young archers, and ladies as well.

Q: What is the flared ipe riser option? 

A: The flared ipe riser is a larger Imperial riser made with the South American hardwood, ipe. It can bring the physical weight of the Imperial up to three pounds and makes for a very well balanced and steady bow. For anyone looking for the most forgiving target bow possible this is the one for you!

Q: What's the performance difference between the different riser options?

A: There's no difference in arrow speed between the different riser materials in the same design. While the phenolic/micarta and ipe risers add weight to the riser, the limb designs and materials remain the same. 

Q: What's the difference between the flat and rounded locator grips?

A: The rounded grip that suits a wide range of grip styles, including folks who like to hold onto the bow. The flat grip is designed around the principals used in target recurve grips to promote bone-on-bone alignment, proper elbow rotation, and consistency for shooters who shoot with a loose or open hand.  

Q: What bow length should I choose?

A: Each bow model has its own characteristics, and so the limits for draw length and bow length depend on the model and archer. Generally, the shorter the bow the faster it will shoot and with less handshock, while longer models tend to be smoother. For each draw length, draw weight, and bow length of each design, there is a sweet spot for performance. My most popular length is 64" for draw lengths in the 27" to 30" range.

Q: What draw weight should I choose to start?

A: These bows are built to be fast and to handle heavy arrows well! Even a 35# Omega with the right arrow and broadhead can be a lethal, and ethical, whitetail weapon. If you're new to traditional, I don't recommend ordering over 40# at your draw. For compound shooters, 60% of your maximum comfortable peak weight is a great place to start. 

Q: What types of arrows can I use?

A: All types! Carbon, aluminum, or wood will all work great. Due to the high performance of these bows, however, you're best luck is to start with arrows that are anywhere from 5# to 15# stiffer, depending on your shooting style. A more specific selection can be found on the chart in my Tuning and Tips section.

Q: Do you offer exotic woods for the riser?

A: I enjoy knowing that the wood in the bow comes from the land that we hunt. Part of why my bows are so competitively priced is the use of domestic woods. However, I can use exotics provided for a bow and now offer the very beautiful and dense South American hardwood ipe (pronounced ee-pay) for risers in addition to the standard laminated and stained oak.

Q: I'm having trouble stringing it, what should I do?

A: The best way to string an Omega is with a rubber pad style stringer, like those offered by Limbsaver. It has a single pocket for the bottom limb and a rubber pad that leaves the top nock completely exposed to slide the string up. Stringers that use two pockets should never be used, and using the push pull or step through method can lead to personal injury as well as bow twist. By purchasing an Omega longbow you may accept responsibility for any personal injury, but any damage to the bow due to improper stringing will void warranty. Please use a rubber pad style stringer. This is an inexpensive example:

Q: What's the best way to care for my bow?

A: Besides always using a bowstringer and keeping your string waxed, storing the bow inside on a bow rack is the best way to maintain your bow for a lifetime. If you don't have a bow rack, store the bow horizontally on a shelf or under your bed. Do not leave a bow standing in the corner on its limb, as this can cause damage to the limbs' balance. While a bow can safely be stored strung, it's best to keep it away from heat, moisture, or direct sunlight. Do not store the bow outside or in your vehicle for prolonged periods. While a bow sock helps keep the bow from getting scratched during transport, they are not necessary for storage nor do they offer any protection from extreme climate. If you need to clean your bow, a soft damp rag works well. 

Q: What sort of speed can I expect from my bow?

A: Depending on your set up and style, you can expect a properly set up Omega with a 28" draw and 10 gpp arrow using the included string with silencers to shoot in the 175-180 fps range. For those interested in speed Omegas will also tolerate arrow weights as low as 8 grains per pound in draw weight in order to get to the 200 fps range, but these bows are designed to easily launch heavy arrows with authority. These bows can shoot heavy arrows as fast as older longbow designs drawing 10# more! 

Q: What do I have to do to finish an unfinished model? Is it ready to shoot or do I need to do work to it first?

A: The unfinished models are just that, fully shaped bows sans an actual coat of urethane. Some light sanding may be desired (220 grit), but the bows are fully shaped, tillered, and ready to shoot. You can shape the grip to your personal taste and apply what ever stain or stain combination you like, and then finish the whole bow with polyurethane or spar urethane. Please remember bows must be sealed within a week of arrival however to avoid moisture problems.

Q: Do you offer heavier draw weights?

A: Higher weight Original and Imperial models can be built upon request for an additional fee. There are limitations with heavier draw weight builds so please contact me directly for more information.

If you have any further questions feel free to email me at