Omega Longbows


April 19, 2018-

 It's an exciting time here at Omega as we're seeing more and more interest every day! Since my wife has come on to help with the office work, strings, and shipping, it's given me more time to stay in the shop and build. However, with every new project it seems there's just more and more demand. At this time, we have orders lined up into August and we're getting more calls and emails every day!

 While the increased demand is fantastic, I'm still striving to improve the quality, options, and performance of my bows. For that reason, effective immediately there will be a small increase in prices. This will mostly apply to the Imperial and Native, with the Original seeing only a slight change. These changes reflect the additional materials and time devoted to building and finishing.

 So what's that mean for you, our valued customers? In addition to a higher quality finished product we will also be working on launching several new options this year. We're currently researching different wood options for risers, testing carbon for bow limbs, and even have some potential bamboo limb laminations as well. I'm revisiting the 66" Original option, and there's been some exciting progress made on the redesigned Delta take down bow. The change in price will also help offset the cost of some of the simpler options, like the maple core and two-tone riser option. These new changes and additional steps have already been implemented and will be part of every build moving forward. Bigger changes involving improved tooling will be coming as the year progresses, and it's my hope that each of these upgrades will help improve the quality, consistency, and production time of our Omega longbows.

 For customers who have orders placed and have paid in full already, your balances will remain the same. Folks who have placed a deposit will see these changes reflected in their totals during final billing. Moving forward, it's our hope that these changes will help to take quality and turn around time to the next level. We want to bring you the best shooting, toughest, and most forgiving bows for the money so that everyone can enjoy the joys of traditional archery!

In that spirit, we will also be launching a series of short Youtube videos this year to help answer some of the most commonly asked questions and address some of the initial concerns folks may have getting into traditional archery. From arrow selection and tuning to stringer use and proper storage, we hope to establish a small video-encyclopedia of traditional archery basics. If you have any suggestions or would like to see any specific videos, drop us a note by email at!


March 3, 2018-

 It's been a busy few months for Omega! Since the end of last year my wife, Anika, has come to work for Omega full time managing the office and legal work for the company. This has been a huge step forward, as I've been able to increase output in the shop by 50-100% each week. As we move forward, this will allow time for inventory builds, more rapid warranty turn around, and more time for new projects!

 Of these new projects has been the reexamination of solid micarta and G10 risers. These dense, durable man-made materials offer the weight that many archers prefer. The first all-micarta Native has been built for my good friend Joe Paranee and it's already a hit. While initially the micarta was only meant to be a one-off for a friend, the demand has been so immediate that it will be a $300 optional extra for anyone interested. For photos of the build and more information, please visit:

 This spring I will also be redesigning the currently retired Delta take-down. The new model will feature changes to the limbs and riser to make for a faster, more durable bow with an updated look. The first generation Delta was one of my favorites, and I'm looking forward to further refining the design to make it better than ever!

November 8, 2017-

 I've received several questions regarding Christmas bow orders already and unfortunately my earliest available build dates are the end of January. Anyone interested in an Omega gift can still order a gift certificate, however I will not be able to get any new orders built by the holidays. Sorry!

 The take-down and G10 options are temporarily unavailable. I'm currently experimenting with some alterations to the lay up and design that should help improve build time, sleeve fitment, and durability. At this time it's too early to say how long it will take to sort these changes out. The high cost has been prohibitive for many, and hopefully these changes will allow for price adjustment as well. 

 The high-performance Imperial prototype has been proving to be a fantastic bow. There are still several more design variations I'm interested in testing before launch, but I'm optimistic that this new Imperial option may be my best shooting bow yet! 

October 21, 2017-

 Hello everyone, just a quick note: we're having some issues with USPS as well as the shipment of PVC to ship Originals (different size than the Imperial or Native) has been delayed. We're working to remedy these issues and get the bows wrapped and shipped as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!

October 11, 2017-

 The leaves are changing and hunting season has begun here in Pennsylvania. The air has that old familiar smell again. I'll be spending much of my free time in the woods chasing our local whitetails and squirrels, so please bear with me if you're trying to reach me by phone. I'm always available by email, however, and try to respond to emails every day!

 Recently an itch for a new "hot rod Imperial" became too strong to resist. The goal was to optimize the Imperial as a hunting bow, with an increase in performance that didn't compromise the forgiveness of the design. By altering the tapers on the maple laminations and capping the length to 64", I was able to increase the reflex which further lightened the limbs and smoothed the draw. Built with a new "medium flare" riser shape, this bow is still very accurate and well balanced. The riser shape offers a little more mass than the standard slim making for a steadier bow with more grip options, all the while keeping the lines aesthetically pleasing. It offers good balance without being heavily weighted.I will continue to post updates as this version of the Imperial is field tested. Should the design work as intended, it will be to offered as a separate model from the current Imperial. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please let me know via email at!

September 2, 2017-

Recently I have been experimenting with new finish techniques, tapers, materials, and laminations in an effort to further improve my longbows. With these changes, which are being put into all new bows currently in production, are more time and material intensive. As a result, I've had to adjust prices slightly. While economical pricing has always been important for Omega Longbows, I feel these improvements are incredibly worthwhile and make for a higher quality product. You will note that these changes have had a larger impact on the Original and Native than on the Imperial, as the changes to these models have been more significant. As some of these changes only concern the finish, it's lead to a large discount for unfinished models.

These changes have also altered the available draw weights slightly. These are subject to change again as I further refine the new changes, so if you're interested in a particular draw weight or length not listed please just contact me directly!

August 28, 2017-

The school year has started and hunting season is right around the corner. Business has been busy and new orders are now being scheduled for late November and early December. It always seems to be my luck, with hunting season closing in business just gets more and more busy!

Several people have asked about a phenolic riser option for the Native. While this is on the short list for new prototypes, it is not currently available. It will be some time for this to be thoroughly tested and for a fair price to be established. The Native is still undergoing the usual "new design tweaks" refinement. I'm currently working on a new tip shape, new potential limb form, and even a possible ILF limb based on the Native. I run all aspects of the business myself though, so new prototypes are built in my "spare time" which can be hard to find when working seven days a week!

I've also had to adjust my optional extra prices recently to account for the increased demand for more specialized and custom orders. While Omegas have always been custom longbows, my prices are more so geared towards semi-custom/semi-production orders. For this reason the recent influx of highly specialized bows has been a bit daunting to account for. When ordering, please consult my "Bows and Other Products" page for the updated price lists and available options!

August 14, 2017-

Summer is flying by! It's been a very busy, and chaotic, few months but they've brought many new and wonderful changes.

In addition to the previous adjustments to the Original, I've begun using a different tapers for the limbs to help improve smoothness, efficiency, and durability. This is opening up some new possibilities for custom options and I have already begun implementing the changes in current orders. 

The Native has also gone through its next round of tweaks to tapers and limb shape. These changes will make for a stronger, more efficient bow. The result is a bow that offers even less hand shock while maintaining a buttery smooth draw and surprising performance. Additional riser options are also being explored, with a micarta riser option being tested later this year by a personal friend.

The finger grooves or flares used on the flat grip will be dropped as a standard feature. Given the wide range of hand and finger sizes, and that each grip is shaped by hand, it's become too difficult to standardize the shape. The finger flares will be available as an optional extra, though.

At this time my build log is lined up into October. I highly recommend anyone considering ordering an Omega for the holidays to please start placing your orders now if you would like the bow by Christmas. Turn around is about one month from start to ship with the earliest available start dates are now into late October. Gift certificates will still be available but I do not keep an inventory and it's highly unlikely that I'll be able to help with any last minute orders.  

The new deposit system for ordering may be getting an update to further simplify the ordering process as well. 

I'm always open for feedback, so if there's something you'd like to see or suggest just send me an email at If you'd prefer to talk by phone you can reach me at 724-406-4256. For those on Facebook, please avoid using the messenger system if at all possible. It seems I've missed a number of messages on that application already. Looking forward to hearing from you!

July 26, 2017-

I'm headed to ETAR this weekend for my yearly vacation! I will be going as a shooter, not a vendor, and will only have my own personal bows on hand. However, this year I'll have one of each model! Anyone interested in trying an Omega in person is more than welcome to shoot them. They're all right handed and around 40# at 28". 

Hope to see you there!

July 7, 2017-

Summer is flying by. June was a busy month and already July is here. The new take down project is patiently awaiting new machinery as funds are being collected. Meanwhile, the Native is getting small tweaks here and there and some possible new upgrades are in the works. 

 The potential options for this little bow are almost endless, including heavier riser choices, grip and sight window refinements, and other hardwoods for the riser. Different wood combinations in various laminated configurations are being considered, as well overlay and tip choices to compliment dyed core laminations under clear fiberglass. Given the wide range of shooters this bow fits, the options for aesthetic variation are endless!

 At the end of the month I'll be travelling to Potter County, PA for the Eastern Traditional Archery Rendezvous at Denton Hill park. I won't be a vendor, but I'll have some examples of my bows with me for anyone interested in shooting them in person! I will not have phone or internet coverage for the weekend, so please contact me before hand to arrange a meet up.

May 26, 2015-

The new 3-piece bow has a working prototype and is undergoing stage two of design. Like the Native, this bow is based on the old Delta line. However, as this bow is meant to be an improvement upon that design extra steps are being taken to refine the bow and sort out any prior issues it had. So far, the new lay out is proving to be very smooth shooting with excellent performance, and the large ipe risers makes it very stable with no hand shock. 

I still need to outfit my shop with the necessary tools and machines to produce these styles of bows in larger quantities. While I'm researching the best tools for this job I'm also exploring new material possibilities. The goal will be for this bow to be as much a work of art as it is a hard core, high performance hybrid!

May 16, 2017-

The spring days are getting warmer and soon summer will be upon us! At this time the summer is booked with Omega orders and still more are coming in every week. It seems folks are as enthusiastic about the new Omega options as I am!

In addition to the updates from this winter, there have been several requests made to see a maple-core Original made available again. The maple core was dropped from the Original for the lifetime warranty, however since then the Original's options have changed and this may no longer be necessary. I hope to test this out over the next few months. If it turns out the other changes have resolved this issue, the high-performance maple Original will once again be available!

For those interested in the new 3-piece bow, a prototype has been built. It carries a strong resemblance to the geometry and balance of the old Delta longbow, but with updates to make it smoother, faster, and more enjoyable to shoot. This design will still take some time to refine but I will continue to keep everyone updated on the progress!

April 21, 2017-

The new Native has officially launched! This bow is already turning out to be a hit and already orders are lined up. It's a great little bow that just about everyone can enjoy. 

With the spring here and summer just around the corner I've already received a flood of new orders. At this time I have orders lined up through June, so if you've been waiting to order please note that the wait times are just getting longer! I'm taking partial deposits for orders, to secure future build dates. Full payment must still be maid before the start date but hopefully this new option helps with the wait time.

I have also started designing the new 3-piece take down, with the first sketches completed and early form work started. I'm hoping to start prototyping later this year but that's subject to available time. This bow will be designed as a  62-64" full hybrid bolt down three piece longbow. The goal is to match a set of very fast, high performance limbs to a very stable, sculpted ipe riser for a bow that shoots exceptionally well. This is the point where I can still incorporate different ideas, so if there's something you'd like to see just let me know at my email,!

April 3, 2017-

With the warmer weather upon us the new Native has been getting a serious field test and I can't put this thing down! So far the second prototype, featuring an ipe riser with the new flat/recurve grip is proving to be an incredibly smooth bow, and everyone who has seen and shot the Native has become as enamored with it as I have. Once I have a working stack-chart for accurate draw weights it will be officially launched, hopefully over the next month or so.

In addition to the new Native the Lil56 is finally getting updated. I will be reworking the Original into a shorter length and adjusting the grip dimensions to accomodate smaller hands. The riser will be trimmed down slightly and the draw weight will be a similar fixed range of 20-25# at 28". This will therefore offer a more long-term investment, rather than a delightfully speedy and tough bow that your child or significant other quickly outgrows. 

I have received a few questions about the new three piece that's in the works. At this time the bow is just in the early design stages, using some new ideas and the old Delta to form paper sketches before form and prototyping. I do not have plans to start on this bow until after the new Native has officially launched and the updated youth model addressed. Also, I would like to remind everyone that this new three-piece will be designed and built to the best of my ability, rather than to meet a specific price point. It is likely that this bow will end up as my most expensive model, with many of my upgrade options as standard, including a laminated ipe riser and whatever limb cores prove to offer the best all around performance and durability. The financial downfall of the Delta was trying to offer too much on too small of a profit margin. This new take down will not be handicapped with those sorts of compromises, and I hope to build the best shooting bow that I possibly can!

There have also been some small changes to my pricing. These changes reflect additional time taken with each bow to insure an excellent product!  

March 25, 2017- 

Spring has arrived and the days are getting longer! The last couple months have been a busy spent focusing on orders and so progress on new projects has slowed. However, the first Native prototype was finally finished up this week and testing has begun!

Initial reaction is surprise; this thing is incredibly smooth and much easier to shoot than I expected. I've never liked shorter bows as I couldn't shoot them very well but this bow is surprisingly accurate. Performance is on par with some of my fastest bows and this compact 56" bow pulls smoothly all the way to 31". The outward limb reaction reduces vibration and this compact, light weight bow has very little vibration or shock. Early tests show the 56" length working well at draws ranging from as short as 25" all the way to 31" and a variety of arrow weights. This first prototype pulls 39# at 28" and 45# at 31", making for an even 2# per inch even drawn to more than half its length!

I'm very excited about this new bow and am blown away by the performance and feel. I've already started on the second prototype, testing ipe and the new recurve-style grip with some maple and fiberglass accents for anyone interested in a more stylized, shooter-friendly version. The Native will only be available as a 56", as longer lengths proved to offer nothing but instability issues, while the shorter lengths quickly lost performance, even at shorter draws. Base model pricing will be similar to the Original. 

This is the first Omega Native prototype. As you can see the riser is split for extra strength and stiffness, like the Imperial, which also allows for the popular two-tone stain option. It has a medium bulbous grip similar to the Imperial as well but this grip leaves something to be desired with the way the riser is designed. I'll post pictures of the ipe version over the next week, time permitting!

January 31, 2017-

Thank you to all of you that have called and emailed with your input! It is immensely helpful to know exactly what you folks are looking for from Omega Longbows. 

From the feedback I've decided to go back to the old unfinished option, with the price going back to $40 off. The additional sanding and prepping was not as desirable as good economy!

I will also start work on a new three-piece longbow this summer. It will be built to the best of my ability, with the best materials available used. This will be a long term project, using the best of the Delta while also updating where ever possible! 

The new Native is underway, and all input is appreciated! I hope to have photos in the next couple months, so keep an eye out! 

January 24, 2017-

It's a new year and much has been going on for Omega Longbows already. Over the last few weeks I have been working to finish up projects from last year, source new materials for my bows, and look into new web site options for the coming year. The Original and Imperial forms have been upgraded, the heating system has been improved significantly, and I have even found a new source for maple that has allowed me to reduce the cost of the maple upgrade in Imperials by more than half!

Over the next year I will start looking into new alternatives to the standard laminated oak riser. Oak shall remain the standard option, but the goal will be to offer several riser upgrades for folks looking for more weight, more color, and more contrast. Depending on cost and availability, there may even be veneer options for clear glass models, too. This is all still very early though, and nothing has been finalized. It is a goal, though, and I will keep everyone updated going forward.

Completion of the new Native will take place over the next few months. This project had to be delayed due to a materials back order, the testing of a new form system, and family obligations over the holiday. However, this project is special to me as it will bring the best qualities of two now discontinued models back to the Omega lineup. It is also early enough in the development that if you have any requests or suggestions there's still time to incorporate them into the new bow. So if there's something you'd like to see in the new Native, just shoot me an email!

There has been some interest in the now discontinued Delta three-piece bow lately. This bow had been dropped from the line up this past year due to financial issues. However, if there is enough interest I will redesign and relaunch a new three-piece longbow. Because of the issues related to it's original design and price point, it would likely be designed as a new "top model" with an improved design, many more custom options, and a higher price tag to cover the costs of construction. If this is something you would have interest in, please let me know!

December 24, 2016-

Christmas time is upon on us and as we gather with family and friends to celebrate, I hope we can reflect upon the positive and joyous times this past year. I'm enthusiastic about the new changes for Omega Longbows and all the new changes yet to come in the new year!

So far, the upgraded Original has been a hit and the flared ipe Imperial riser has proven a worthwhile new upgrade! Those seeking the heavy-mass for stability, alternatives to oak, and a deep recurve-style grip will all appreciate this new riser upgrade. This won't be the last new change for the Imperial either, as I'm also hoping to test new length options over the course of 2017. 

Progress on the new Native is also underway. Though temporarily delayed due to a material back order, it's still looking likely to debut by Spring of 2017. Taking this delay as an opportunity for other projects, I'm working to improve all  forms, hot boxes, finish systems, and tools. Hopefully with improved facilities, turn around time can be reduced so additional options can be further explored. Decorative wood and glass overlays, partial snake skin backings at a reduced cost, new wood and glass options, and possibly even a take-down version of the Original are all being considered!

Finally, I want to end this news update with a question to all of you: what would you like to see from Omega Longbows in the coming year? Over the past year I've worked to meet the requests I'd been given, from a take-down option and more mass in the Imperial riser, to the ILF and a one-piece Delta Shortbow. These suggestions came from you folks, and have been very appreciated! While some haven't worked out, like the ILF, others have gone on to branch out and have been very well received by others. The more feedback and requests I get for particular options, products, or upgrades the more time I will spend on them!

All input helps guide the product line forward, so all suggestions are welcome. Just drop me a note at, or give me a call at 724-406-4256. I look forward to hearing from you, and I wish you all a very happy holiday season, a merry Christmas, and a happy New Year! 

November 30, 2016-

The new ipe option is nearing the end of it's test period and it's looking promising! This will mark the final test for the updated Imperial options, as the new limb shape, maple core option, and G10 options are all already available. The final updates for the Original are also now available! The updates to the Original include a simplified grip and a new riser length to promote smoothness, speed, and forgiveness. These updates will be accompanied with a new price as well!

Also, unfinished models will now be given an additional round of sanding. In the past I stopped after rough sanding, but lately I have been taking the sanding a little further so that unfinished bows require less time to actually get finished out once they arrive! The new price changes reflect this additional time, and I'm sure you all will appreciate the reduced sanding time on your new bow! 

November 16, 2016-

Progress on the new projects is coming along well! The improvements to the Original are proving promising and work with an ipe riser option is in progress. Once these projects are sorted out, I will begin on the new Native over the winter. Here's a quick run down of all the current projects: 

The improvements to the Original are focused on the riser and the build process. The goal was to adjust the riser to allow for smoother limbs and a less twitchy shot feel. The prototype looks promising! As with everything, there are trade offs to design changes but these changes will focus on dropping options for the Original that have fallen out of favor since the launch of the Imperial. The Original will now only be available in 62" or 64" lengths. The bulbous locator has been adjusted slightly to allow a wider range of palm sizes, while still featuring the popular throat/locator configuration that people have liked so much. With fewer custom options and a smoother, more streamlined build process the price will be reduced to reflect these changes and the price of the Original will be brought down to $325 for a finished model!

As far as the ipe goes, this work is currently in hot box as we speak. In the next two weeks I hope to tiller and evaluate the new prototype. I've used ipe before, but with the extra mass will come a new tweak to the design that I think everyone will really enjoy! Not to reveal too much, but if all goes well this will be a dream for anyone who's looking for the most accurate, and budget friendly, longbow possible!

The new Native form has been laid out and work on this project will hopefully begin by the end of the month. As mentioned before, this bow will become a less expensive, more aesthetically appealing one-piece version of the former Delta Shortbow. It will hopefully answer the demand for a compact hunting bow for archers looking to maximize their effectiveness in the woods, while maintaining the heritage of this nation's first hunters! Unlike the previous Native, this bow will be designed around a smooth and forgiving geometry, and unlike the previous Shortbow, it will be built with beauty and economy in mind. This bow will be a smooth shooting, hard hitting bow with a price that reflects the quality and value expected from Omegas! 

These new changes will be part of a series of improvements and redesigns slated for 2017. This year will mark the fifth year I've been building these bows, and I want to thank all of my loyal customers for their continued support by offering new improvements, custom options, and savings for anyone on any budget! In addition to the new model upgrades I'm also working on finish options, possible new shirt orders, and hopefully the video series will finally launch. The videos will give folks a chance to see the bows from a variety of angles in action before buying as well as hopefully offer helpful tips on tuning and set up and answering some of the more frequently asked questions.

There will be some exciting new changes for 2017, and I hope you'll all be part of it!  

November 4, 2016-

The month of November is upon us, and with that many of us are planning time with family to celebrate all the good fortune we've had over the year. Already, I'm thankful for all of my wonderful costumers who make this whole thing possible!

Going into this beautiful month I'm hoping to show my appreciation by offering two things that people have been requesting for some time: a dense, exotic wood for extra mass as an option in the Imperial riser with ipe, and an even more economically priced Omega option! The goal is to tweak my Original in order to cut the price down even further, while still offering the best shooting bow possible. Hopefully these improvements will be available by the New Year!

Speaking of the New Year, as we get closer to Christmas many are looking to place orders for longbows for family members and loved ones. Even now, at the beginning of November, I have orders lined up through the rest of this month, which means not everyone who waits until December to order will have their bows done in time for the holidays. To solve this issue, I am now offering gift certificates! You can pre-order a bow for a family member or loved one and receive a certificate to give them. They can then use the code on the certificate to order a bow to their liking! The gift certificates can be ordered in full or partial amounts, and the future order can be adjusted at the time of ordering the bow, so your loved ones can get exactly what they want!

I just want to take a moment to say thank you, to all of my loyal customers. You've made this all possible and I hope to do everything I can to offer the best bows possible for the best prices imaginable!

September 4, 2016-

For many, Labor Day weekend marks the unofficial start to fall. For those of us who enjoy the great American tradition of watching the leaves change from fifteen feet up a tree, the archery season opener is the real start to fall. Many are already headed out, and it's great hear about the success stories and close calls by Omega shooters. If you have any stories, please shoot me an email. I love to hear about Omegas in action!

Going into the fall, I'm still working on new and interesting designs. With the Imperial now fully upgraded, it's time to set my sights on redesigning the new Native. As I have mentioned, this new Native will incorporate the incredibly smooth and accurate Delta Shortbow design in a more shapely and durable one piece design. Already work has begun on the new form, and I hope to have the first prototypes down before Thanksgiving. 

One thing that will be changing this year is I'm going to take two days from my work schedule to hunt. The last few years have been hard, and though I've been fortunate enough to fill the freezer my time afield has been shorter than I'd like. While many won't see changes to turn around time for their orders, I do ask that anyone looking for a new bow to please order early if possible. I hate to see folks miss out on time with their new bow!

I also have several bows on hand for discounted priced, all more than 10% off! So for anyone looking for a good hunting bow ASAP, just shoot me an email while they last! There's more information on my Bows and Other Products page, and you can reach me directly at 

August 24, 2016-

What a month it's been! As the days start to cool down and the leaves just begin to change colors, Omega longbows are getting built, and refined, in preparation for fall. The last few weeks have been incredibly busy as I put the finishing touches on the new Imperial form, built the last prototype take-down Imperial, and have begun experimenting with new and interesting finish options. Some of these options are going to be launched incredibly soon, with the new form hopefully available by early September. The new finish options may also be available as early as next month, with the take-down Imperial getting the final "stress test" over the next few weeks.

The work has also begun on a new Native design, and the first models will hopefully get glued up within the next few months. There have also been several requests to bring back the three-piece Delta. If this is something you're interested in seeing happen, please let me know! Emails are always welcome and I appreciate the feedback! Just drop me a note at! 

July 25, 2016-

The improvements to the Imperial are in full swing and already the Imperial is getting better and better! I am already adjusting the taper on all new models to help improve efficiency, and in the next few weeks the v.3 form will be getting tested!

For those of you headed to ETAR this year, I will be there Thursday through Sunday as a shooter. I will be wearing green Omega T-shirts all weekend so if you see me just hollar! I hope to meet as many of you as possible! 

July 11, 2016-

Working on new options and design upgrades for the Imperial has been keeping me quite busy. The two-piece bows are still getting field tested, and I'm testing many possible methods for improving the Imperial's shot feel and performance. Already, I have found a number of small improvements for the current Imperial to make it an even better bow. These small changes are going into every new Imperial already, and customers are already starting to see the benefits!

For those of you who have showed interest, I want to thank you. Feedback helps me know which direction to go to help offer the best bow possible. Keep watching, I have lots of new ideas to try and no intention of slowing down!

June 28, 2016-

As I work to expand the options and refine the Imperial, it becomes increasingly apparent that there are certain models that are becoming too expensive or impractical to offer. As a result, I will be dropping the Delta as of July 2016. This will free up money and time to invest in new options for refining the Imperial and Original, my two best selling bows, hopefully making them even better.

The first steps are to finish the t/d Imperial and experiment with new limb shapes and cores for it to help further improve the cast and smoothness. The new G10 option is already available for one-piece Imperials.  

It has also been suggested that I update the Native with a new shape based on the Delta Shortbow. The goal would be to make a short one-piece bow with more deflex and reflex to make it faster, smoother, and more accurate, while maintaining the heritage and spirit of the weapons used by native cultures. Moving forward, I think this is an excellent idea and once I have finished the new Imperial projects  I will begin work on this updated version of the Native!

Let me know what you'd like to see folks. I appreciate your feedback, and it really helps me offer the best products possible! 

May 11, 2016-

Spring always brings with it the air of change and growth, and I'm happy to say that has stretched to Omega Longbows! Moving forward with the new take down Imperial has opened several wonderful new options to improve the balance, versatility, and performance of this already very popular model! Soon, internal G10 laminations will be available which add strength, rigidity, and physical weight to the Imperial. In the works is a maple core option to add speed and reduce shock. The two-piece system is coming along well, and will hopefully get some serious field testing in the coming months!

With the good comes to the bad though. Unfortunately, the ILF limbs are not working out as well as hoped. Trying to keep them profitable and affordable is proving very tough, and the demands of the ILF community may semi-permanently put this project on hold. It's unfortunate, but I refuse to launch a product that is not 100%, and I can't do that and keep the price in a range where it's both inexpensive and financially feasible for me.

Here's to the 2016 season being one to remember! 

March 5, 2016-

It's been a while, but make no mistake- things have been plenty busy with Omega longbows! As winter is finally giving way the first sets of ILF prototypes are heading out for field testing. Over the next couple months I'm hoping to refine any details of the limbs that may need addressed as I gather up materials to make them available!

In addition to the ILF, I'm very pleased to announce that the final details may be ultimately addressed on the two-piece Imperial project. If so, this will a project I've been hoping to complete since the second Imperial came off the form! It will at last round out the options for the perfect longbow! 

As we move into spring, I hope that everyone has a safe and eventful season outdoors. Keep an eye out though, as I'm hoping to have some new offerings to help enjoy your time afield just a bit more!

December 28, 2015-

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and holiday, and wish everyone a happy New Year! As we go into the new year I have good news about several models, and in the coming weeks hope to have some new photos!

The first big changes are concerning the Original. This tried-and-true hunting bow will be undergoing a few small tweaks and it, in addition to the Native, will be seeing a small price drop! Now, this won't affect options significantly, but there will be some changes in what's available, most notably the draw weight range dropping from 55# max to 50# max like the Native. Beyond that, however, the bow will still be the hard hitting hunting machine it has always been!

The next set of changes concern the Imperial. Where the Original will now have fewer options, the Imperial is gaining options! In addition to new available lengths for shorter-draw archers looking for something compact, there will hopefully be the addition of heavier draw weights for archers looking for a little more "punch". While I can't offer too much this early in the testing, I'm hoping to expand the options of the Imperial to meet the needs of any longbow enthusiast.

Finally, the last bit of news is perhaps the most awaited: the ILF project is coming to a close. I currently have at least one viable design, and over the next few months I will have some fellow archers put these limbs through the paces. Though the project has been delayed several times due to a heavy workload and family constraints, I hope to sort out any issues and have them available as soon as is reasonably possible!


September 19, 2015-

For many, hunting season has already become, and for the rest of us it's just around the corner! In many places 3D is winding down, and the leaves are changing. As we swap our field points for broadheads, I hope everyone has a safe and productive season.

Going into the fall I will now be charging for custom grip shapes. Over the last few months it has become very difficult to manage all the special requests that have been made. This is part of the reason that I offer unfinished models. It's far easier for you to know what feels good to you, than it is for me. It all takes time, and many other bowyers charge extra for special grips- even when their bows already cost much more than my own. I'm sure you can all understand!

For those interested in the ILF, I would like to confirm that I will be launching Omega limbs, but because of the cost in materials, I will not be offering an ILF riser for the foreseeable future. The TradTech Pinnacle II riser is impossible to beat in terms of fit, finish, and cost. As I am building my limbs off of the TradTech Titan II riser, it is a natural pairing between Omega limbs and Lancaster Archery risers!

August 18, 2015-

As the summer dries out and the heavy green gives way to tints of yellow and brown, many of us prepare for hunting season. Going into the fall I have news of changes not only in the seasons, but in Omega longbows! First, at the request of several customers I have made several small changes to the Delta line. These changes are small, but hopefully significant, and will improve durability, finish, and hopefully ease of use. There is a small price increase to compensate for this, but when materials are improved and more time is taken, it's understandable.

I will be making a serious effort on the ILF front. ILF longbows are becoming more and more popular, as people appreciate all the tuning and interchangeability of ILF with the low noise, smooth draw, and incredible toughness of longbow limbs. I hope to have a better working prototype by the end of the year!

Also, a note to anyone ordering this fall or winter: please order sooner, rather than later. Due to changes in my schedule I will be unable to continue the high production I offered through the end of last year and spring of this year. So orders may take a little longer to get to, around two or three weeks longer. The easiest way around the additional waiting time is to order your bow unfinished. Unfinished bows can and will be shipped as soon as they're finished, which is usually less than a week and a half after beginning the build!

July 18, 2015-

I will be heading out to ETAR next weekend, from July 23 to July 26. I will have no internet access or cell phone, so please just be patient. I will return all emails as soon as I get back! For those of you attending, please feel free to stop me. I will have a couple bows on hand to try, and will be happy to answer any and all questions you might have!

July 7, 2015-

For many of us, this time of year can be incredibly busy, as the nice weather permits different shoots, rendezvous, festivals, and shows every weekend. However, despite the busy scheduling there's always work to be done! I'm hoping to take advantage of the nice weather to update photos on the website, but it seems there are some issues formatting the page layout.

I am also revisiting the ILF limb project. It's time to reevaluate the priorities for the limb, and hopefully work out the kinks so that these limbs can work for many different archers on a variety of risers, while maintaining the strength and performance everyone has come to expect from Omegas! 

June 23, 2015-

To anyone trying to contact me by phone- please make sure you leave a voicemail including your phone number! My service has been very poor lately, and even though I receive voicemail I do not always receive the calls themselves, meaning I have no number to call back. I have already missed two calls and have no numbers to call back! 

June 22,2015-

With the recent explosion of interest in Omega Longbows, I have been kept quite busy with orders! However, there are always plan changes and missed connections, so with all the bows I've been building sometimes bows get left in the shop as customers cancel orders or change their minds. 

I will be offering any bows that are on hand, or "In Stock", to any prospective customer who's looking to try an Omega without the wait! These bows will include full warranties and some are even ready to ship at a moment's notice. This section will be updated as bows are either left in the shop or sold, so please don't hesitate to send me an email about one!

May 11, 2015-

As summer rolls in many of us are testing our skills out on foam animals or field targets in preparation for the up coming hunting season. I'm doing my best to take advantage of the nice weather to get some much needed photos updated on my website, and am happy to announce that going into the summer there are several new features on my Omegas.

First is the additional option of two-tone stains, available on the Delta take downs and Imperial models. For those looking for a more eye-catching bow this can be a nice, inexpensive option! Second, thanks to changes in my air gun set up, I will be running a slightly different mixture in my finish. This will be a much tougher, more resilient finish than my previous mixture!

Progress is still being made on the ILF however I have slowed down in an effort to remove any final flaws in the design. I don't want to offer a limb that isn't worth the money, and the ILF riser geometry is far less conducive to good hybrid limbs than good recurve limbs. I haven't given up, however. 

March 29, 2015- 

Well, one step forward and two steps back! The work with the ILF is proving to be incredibly challenging, and is progressing very slowly. Initial prototypes prove to be difficult to duplicate, and though they work it seems they don't offer the same performance that many would expect from Omega. So back to the drawing board.

It's been brought to my attention that a number of people who shoot heavy weight bows are interested in the Imperial. Given the strength of the design, I will be experimenting with a couple heavier models going into the new year to see if this might become a practical option down the road for heavy bow shooters. If you have any interest in seeing a heavy weight Imperial option, please contact me! I build new bows off of the feedback I get from customers and potential customers!

March 18, 2015- 

The snow is finally starting to melt and there are days when the winter coat doesn't get worn, which means spring must be just around the corner. For many of us, the itch to get out and chase spring turkeys or head to the 3D course with friends has left us anxious with anticipation!

Going into the new shooting year there will be a few new changes. First, the prototype ILF limbs are being tested, and there will be updates to how they perform in the field. Hopefully these will be available by the end of the new year! Second, there have been several changes to the finish process of the Delta limbs. These additional steps of waterproofing will hopefully prevent the fiberglass checks that have occurred on limbs where the finish has rubbed through. For obvious reasons, the additional time and materials require a small increase in price of the Delta limbs.

January 23, 2015-

First post of the new year and life has been very busy! Taxes are something that run all year, but the busy period is January through April. Not only am I paying taxes, I'm on call to watch my fiancée's little boy while she works at a tax office. Needless to say, we've been busy!

In the little time I have been able to find, I've been working on the new Omega ILF. Early hiccups with the first prototypes have been sorted out, and now the first set of shooting prototype limbs are being built to test. The limbs are my Omega Delta limbs with an added wedge and ILF hardware. The wedge sets the limb forward to account for the ILF geometry that's more suitable for recurves than longbows. Initial tests show great vertical stability with L limbs on the 17" Titan II riser even with brace heights at low as 5.5"! We will be experimenting with additional length options as well as the suitability for different riser lengths. For those of you on Facebook, please 'like' us and keep an eye out for photo updates!

December 7,2014-

Going into the holiday season I will now be accepting credit card payment for bows! My fiancée has helped make this happen and hopefully now it's easier for folks to place an order for their new Omega!

Over the next few weeks I will be focusing on orders, as many are Christmas gifts to friends and family. All new projects will be on hold for the time being, as I'd like to do what I can to help everyone though what can often be a stressful time of year.

For those of you still hunting, best of luck!

November 24, 2014-

I appreciate any and all feedback, and without it I don't know where you want me to go with Omega Longbows. I have my own ideas of what people would like to see, but without feedback I can never be sure. Thanks to several former customers and potential new customers, I will be launching a new LIFE TIME WARRANTY on all Omega Longbows starting this December. There will be a small price increase, and a couple very minor changes (to help improve the finish) but other than that the bows will be the same bullet proof construction that they've always been!

I stand behind my bows and think this will help simplify the warranty process, as well as giving folks a guarantee that their Omegas will last them for many years to come! 

November 16, 2014-

It's getting colder outside and pretty soon many of us will be gathering with family to celebrate the holidays. As we get closer to the Christmas season, I encourage anyone who is planning an Omega order for the holidays to place it early, as I am trying very hard to get all orders finished before Christmas. I will be putting in extra time over the next month and a half, so please don't hesitate to contact me about an order.

Also, I understand many archers come to Omega Longbows are seeking an affordable option during tough economic times. For that reason I will be working on a new, more economic limb for the Delta Longbow. I will also be looking into the possibility of additional custom options to the standard model, as the take down gives me a bit more freedom than the one piece models. I will also be carrying some of this over to my development of the ILF, which I know many are anxiously awaiting. The archery world does not need just another high end, high priced bow or limb in my opinion!

I hope everyone in the US has a wonderful Thanksgiving and to all hunters I wish you the best of luck this fall!

October 20, 2014-

It may seem like I've fallen off the grid, but really I've just been putting more hours in at the shop. I'm finally getting ahead on orders, and starting this month I will start building additional bows to have in stock so that as the holiday season approaches, folks can have a chance at Omega longbows without the wait. I will be building Imperials and Originals predominately, in various lengths and draw weights. They will be unfinished but can be finished by request. To anyone thinking about ordering an Omega for a Christmas gift, I encourage you to order early, as December has been an extremely busy work month for me the past two years, and I hope that everyone who orders an Omega can have it in time for the their holiday!

Your feedback is important to me! Though the new Delta is far more popular than my previous take down designs, it's still not the draw that my one piece bows are. I will, therefore, be setting aside all Delta-based project designs until after I have finished designing the ILF limbs, which you have been very vocal about. Once the ILF is done I will be reinventing the Delta in order to offer more options in risers, and limbs, to give folks more choices in their take-down Omegas.

Due to my schedule changes with my fiancée's new job and her little boy's school schedule I will be able to take more photos of bows and the shop. Please keep an eye on my facebook page,, as I will be uploading various shop photos over the coming weeks for folks see some of the "behind the scenes" magic!

October 3, 2014-

Our archery season opens here in Pennsylvania tomorrow morning, but I'm busy with lots of orders and projects! Orders have been coming in faster and faster and I'm stepping up my build game. I'm shifting to a six day shop-work week with 3D season ending, and will increase my output from two bows a week to three. I do not want folks to have to wait three to nine months to receive their bow! In order to manage the extra work load I will be limiting my draw weight offerings on all future orders from 60# to 55#. Extra heavy bows require not only more materials, but also a great deal more time per bow. There are many bowyers that will build you a bow as heavy as you'd like, I offer economical performance. I am also considering changing the options on some of my less popular models to make them more "production" than custom. Should these changes go into affect, there will be a comparable price drop as well. All of these changes will be to provide you a high quality product in the most reasonable amount of time. Efficiency is in progress!

I am also working on the new ILF limbs. All other projects, including modifications or design additions to the Delta, will be on hold until the prototypes are built and being tested. Future plans beyond the ILF include an aluminum riser option for the Delta. I will not be offering an ILF riser or ILF recurve limbs. I encourage anyone looking for a great, economical riser or recurve limbs to please visit and view their wide selection of top of the line ILF options. My ILF limbs will be built off of their Titan II 17" riser, which has been the standard for ILF hunting risers in terms of geometry and quality for years now, and is a great example of built in the USA quality.

Best of luck to all of you headed afield this fall!

September 9, 2014-

The leaves are changing colors and fall is soon upon us. In some places folks are already pursuing wild game and to those lucky enough to do so, I wish you the best of luck! There have been several big changes in my personal life recently that have made me reevaluate my approach to archery and more specifically my Omega longbows. I've come to the conclusion I don't just want to offer the best longbow for the money, I want to offer the best longbow period. I've already begun taking a great deal more time in the finish of my Omegas, as anyone who has received one in the last month or two may have noticed. The coming ILF will not just be a high performance longbow limb, but rather an all around high performance limb. None of this, however, will come at the expense of you, the customer. So much these days is a matter of building to the budget, cutting corners and charging for quality only after you've paid for the extras. I don't like that business model. I want to offer the best quality you can find, for an honest price. You're not paying for anything more than hard work, quality materials, and honest American craftsmanship!

I have mentioned before that the ILF will be a slow build, and that will be especially true over the next few months. I will be building off of the incredibly popular American-made Titan II riser by TradTech Archery, and will be shooting for the lofty goal of 190 fps at 28" draw with a 10 gpp arrow and laden hunting string. I won't stop until I reach that goal! The limb will have limited aesthetic options but will have a corresponding price. The goal is to build a true working-man's limb.

For those interested in the improved Original, please pay attention to the news in the coming weeks. The first prototype will be glued up this weekend, and an evaluation will be offered as soon as it's finished.

August 28, 2014-

It appears that my previous news update has been lost to cyber space, and for that I deeply apologize. A great deal has been going on lately, and I like to keep everyone up to date.

I've been quite busy with orders, so much so that I haven't had a great deal of time to work on new projects or even prepare for hunting season. Family responsibilities and projects have also kept new design work to a minimum, and it may be winter before I begin to work on them earnestly. That said, I have several projects planned! Launching in September will be the Delta Shortbow. This design has been tested, tested again, and then tested some more. I will also be testing how the Original reacts to a longer riser glue up, similar to the Imperial. This may help improve shot feel and stability.

Of course, most exciting is that I will begin work on the ILF at last. I have decided to forgo making both a riser and limb combination for sale, but rather design first a set of inexpensive, high performance longbow limbs. I will be using a TradTech Titan II riser from Lancaster Archery. This riser has become the gold standard for target shooters and hunters alike, and will be the base for my new limbs. Please keep an eye out!

I have also been delayed on updating the website. Rather than a complete overhaul, it will be done incrementally over the remainder of the year.

July 4, 2014,

Happy Independence Day, everyone! It's been a busy summer so far, with tons of new orders and Imperials garnering some serious attention! Fall isn't far around the corner though, and as we get closer to deer season I'm trying to finish up all the new models that have been in limbo. The new Delta Shortbow will be available in a month or so, after a number of hurdles with this design I think it's finally finished, offering a serious alternative for blinds and tree stands. It will be put through the paces and field tested, and if it's deemed worthy will be available to everyone! At 56" long, it features a very deflexed riser and sweeping curve limbs, making it incredibly smooth, even past 31" draw, and boasts some impressive speed for a short bow shooting a 10 gpp arrow at 175 fps with a 28" draw. Best of all, this compact bow features the quick load limb slot, allowing it to not only manage well in the woods, but to transport equally well in the smallest car or the most cramped truck!

The Delta Shortbow is the only completely new model I'll be launching this fall due to time constraints, but several current models are getting up graded. Effective immediately the Imperial will be featuring a change to the riser lay up, where the belly fiberglass will actually run, uncut, through the center of the riser block. This will not only add an attractive accent to the handle, but make the bow incredibly strong and stiff, improving performance even further. The Delta Imperial project has evolved into simply refining the current Delta Longbow. Small changes to limb pad angle and limb width taper have further reduced the already low hand shock, and improved speed several feet per second. Likewise, the changes are completely interchangeable with older models. This biggest advantage of these changes comes to the brace height range, as the Delta longbow limbs can no be braced as low as 5 3/4" without a loss of vertical stability. This means a not only more stable shot, but also a wider tuning range to get the arrow flying like a laser beam! These changes will be put into effect after the final testing has been conducted.

For those planning to visit IBO Trad Worlds or E.T.A.R. at Denton Hill this month, please look me up! I will be there for both events, and will have a green Omega T shirt on at  all times. I'd love to meet you and possibly sling a few arrows, talk some archery. Don't hesitate to introduce yourself!

June 10, 2014-

I never would have imagined the new Imperial would be as popular as it is! I have been working nonstop filling orders for the past three months on all manners of bows, but since the Imperial has launched it has crawled its way to my number one seller! As a result, the extra experience working with the design has allowed me to become a lot more familiar with its nuances, which is only improving the quality and fluidity of the builds! Small changes will also be coming soon, in the form of the different riser lay up and a tiny tweak to the grip shape. All to offer the best bow for your buck!

The popularity of the Imperial has inspired a new outlook on the Delta. I will be experimenting with small changes to the basic design to blend the best qualities of the standard Delta with the incredibly forgiving and comfortable qualities of the Imperial. As I finish the new Delta Shortbow, I'm also laying out drawings for these new alterations. This will in no way affect availability of current limbs for the original Delta though, so please rest assured! I'm simply looking to see if I can take "good" and make it "great"! Ultimately I have no idea yet if it will eventually replace the current model or if it will become its own "Delta Imperial", but I do know that I will try to build the best bow I possibly can!

May 28, 2014-

I'll be trying to upgade the photos in my gallery, so you may notice some of the older photos have been replaced. Please pardon the delay, I'm also trying to get caught up on a number of custom orders during this time as well.

For those who have emailed me over the last two months concerning the Delta and ILF business, I want to genuinely thank you all for your input. During the rest of the year I will be taking the Delta back to the drawing board, as it were, and designing into it all of the desireable features from the current Delta, as well as the previously proposed ILF. I will be semi-permanently shelving the ILF idea, however. Interest has been limited and very specialized, requiring me to build to specific risers or other manufacturer's limbs. Ultimately, the market appears too limited and too expensive for the time being. So I will be investing my time into building the perfect Delta.

I will also be making a change to the Imperial riser lay up beginning in June. I will be running the belly lamination completely through the riser and then gluing the rest of the riser block on top of the laminate. This will add strength, stiffness, and a bit of aesthetic flare to the bow.

May 5, 2014-

Is it true? Has spring finally sprung? I find I'm spending more time with the shop doors open, letting in the warm air and sunlight these days. The welcome rays shedding light upon the week's orders ad my latest projects. It seems I'm working on more new projects than I ever thought I would be offering, but I'm glad for it. Each bow is a valuable learnign experience, and it seems every one is better than the one prior. Trends are also taking shape, and I appreciate all the feedback from each of you! Keep telling me what you're looking for; let me know what you'd like to see!

There seems to be a lot of interest in the new Imperial, and it's inspired drawins for a new project that's been suggested: an Imperial Hybrid. Using the basic layout for the Imperial (in its current D configuarion) I would build a new form where the limbs are a little more aggressive and slender. Go back to the roots of Omega longbows and build a full hybrid longbow that shoots like lightning and looks just as good! A project like this is simple, and would only take a few months, so these are the things I like to know you're looking for in an Omega!

The Omega ILF is also being designed at this time, but is admittedly a long term project. Unlike the Imperial which had been designed around a specific tournament class, the Omega ILF is being designed to be, in my mind at least, the ultimate take down hunting bow. I'm accepting nothing less than the best performance, shot feel, stability, and also price. The goal is to design a longbow that can be shot off the shelf but with all of the power and precision of a more "sophisticated" ILF recurve, at a fraction of the cost. I feel the potential of the hybrid bow is there, I just need to make the most of it!

Everything I work on is guided by your feedback. If there are certain things you'd really like to see, let me know. If there are small things you're curious about, let me know!

April 14, 2014-

Where has the time gone? Last time I checked we were bundling up in long underwear and driving an hour and a hald to attend the only outdoor 3D shoot being held. Now, tshirt weather is back and 3D season is underway!

I may not be able to remember the days past but I can count the changes in bows. The new finish turned out to be a flop for practicality. My system was too unrefined, and the resulting finish wasn't on par with what people were looking for on their new bow. I couldn't blame them, as several bows needed refinishing before I even shipped them out. I have gone back to the "tried and true" urethane, but have made several efforts to improve the process, and they seem to be doing quite well.

Speaking of doing well, the Imperial is a big hit! Unfortuantely, it has become so popular I've been too busy building ordered bows to be able to finish the Delta Shortbow. I will continue working on it whenever I get a chance, but I can't garuntee when it will be available. Once I finish the Delta Shortbow I will begin working on the new Omega ILF!

February 10, 2014-

It seems like everywhere you look, prices are going up. I've had to do it myself when adding materials to my bows. However, I've finally sorted out several details about the finishing process on my longbow limsb where I am able to actually lower the price. These are the same quality limbs, but with a different approach to the finish that saves me almost an hour per limb set in finishing.  

In the coming weeks I'll be working hard to get the new Imperial and Delta Shortbow available. I want to be able to put a great shooting bow in the hands of as many people as possible. Likewise, with the coming spring I will be launching a video series geared towards showing folks how we shoot. We'll also be including hunting footage, fun 3D videos, and different gear selections. Let's spread the word of classical archery!

February 3, 2014-

Well folks, you have spoken! I'll be working on a new satin finish. I'll be using the old satin for the time, and hopefully be running the new, high durability finish soon. Also, as soon as I can find time from keeping up with orders I will be finishing th details on the Imperial. Keep an eye out folks, I won't stop until I'm building the best bows out there, regardless of price!

Januray 8, 2014-

The new year is upon us! With the coming change in the calendar, there will also be some changes in Omegas. In addition to the new Omega Imperial and Delta Shortbow, as well as Omega ILF limbs, my current models are undergoing some changes as well. The finish is taking a big turn up, and the new standard finish will be a hand buffed gloss. It's a much more durable option to my previous finish. However, for anyone interested satin is still available.

In addition, the Omega Delta will be undergoing a few changes, including trading the phenolic strip for several laminations of fiberglass, which will increase the stiffness of the riser as well as the durability, and allow a higher quality final finish. The increase in price will be small, but the improvement in performance, reliability, and comfort will be substantial. In addition to the Omega Imperial, I will also be designing a new set of limb upgrades. No idea yet when these limbs will be available, but I won't stop until I have designed the ultimate take down longbow! 

The new finish changes and the improved Delta are available immediately, but keep an eye out for all new designs and options as they become available!

December 29, 2013-

Going into the New Year, I'm planning several changes for Omega Longbows. Over the coming weeks I will be finishing the new Omega Imperial. This will be a new one piece longbow design that pulls into a D when strung, not only complying with the necessary longbow classification in tournaments, but also giving the bow a "true longbow" appeal. It is faster, smoother, and more stable than my current bow while maintaining highly rugged durability. Following the introduction of the one piece Imperial will be the Delta Imperials. These will available as either a longbow or a shortbow. Starting immediately, however, I will be changing my work week set up, allowing for more individualized finish work on each bow, improving the over all finish quality. I will be experimenting with new finishes as well, looking for something more durable and beautiful.

Prices are subject to vary over the coming year as changes are made in materials and finish. Please feel free to drop me a line if there's anything in particular that you'd like to see!

November 19, 2013-

What's better than a 56" bow that can be comfortably shot over 28" of draw accurately? One that's a take down with my new quick load limb butt design. The new Delta Shortbow is already in the second prototyping stage, and should be available by January!

For folks interested in the new Imperial, good news: I'm paying extra attention to the limb shape to make it 'D' legal for competition. I will be testing the first couple prototypes through the month of December.

Concerning the ILF, for those interested: I have not given up on the plan for Omega ILF limbs, however I am taking some time to work on/perfect my new Omega designs as the demand for these bows is much higher. If you want ILF limbs, let me know! I need your feedback, folks!

November 12, 2013-

I'm now offering bow socks for anyone interested. My fiance is sewing them up. They can either be all black, or black with camoflauge accents on the ends. I'll have pictures soon!

Folks, I work off of the feedback you all send me. So far, interest in the ILF limbs has dropped off and interest in the new Delta has exploded! For the time, I'll be putting the ILF on the back burner to allow me time to get the new Imperial Longbow, new Shortbow, and new "super" Delta limbs.

I'm hoping to have the new Imperial available before the end of the year!

November 3, 2013-

The ILF Longbow limbs are under way. Starting this month I will be designing the new Longbow Imperial and the new Omega Shortbow. The current Shortbow will be modified to become to Omega Native. I have also hit the drawing board and begun designing the Omega Delta Imperial. Unfortuantely, I'm not sure when this model will be available for sale, and it's looking as if it won't be until the middle to end of next year.

The new Longbow Imperial will be a completely new design. It will feature a more deflexed riser and different limb geometry. The goal is a bow that is similiar to the Delta Longbow in terms of smoothness and stability, with solid and commanding performance. I'm hoping that I can also get the limbs to pull into a D shape so that it's legal for additional target competitions. I won't stop until I have a bow that has all of the power of the current Longbow with the stability and forgiveness possible.

The new Shortbow will be roughly based off of the Egyption composite bow. It will feature a very short, highly deflexed riser and smooth, reflexed limbs. I'm hoping to build a 56" bow that will shoot well at 28" with solid accuracy, and a 60" bow that will handle long, 30+" draws. The goal for this model will be a Shortbow that hits hard, pulls smoothly, but can stack arrows all day.

The Omega Native, what's the current Shortbow, will feature an off-the-hand either dexterity grip. It's priced will be lowered to reflect the simplified design. It will become a true modern representation of the Ancients' hunting weapons and may feature unique cosmetic options to reflect it.

As I've already been emailed several times, I'd like to try and give a current update on the plan behind the Delta Imperial. As it stands, I'm not building anything, this is all still on paper. I have in mind a slightly different limb attachment set up, not a different system, but rather a different riser lay out so that when bolted together, the only indication that it's not a one piece bow will be the small, low-profile limb bolts. The limbs will all be the same, featuring my same quick detach system, just a different limb end to match the riser fluidly. In addition, to set the Imperial apart performance wise a set of specialty longbow limbs will be designed. At the moment, these limbs will be the final design feature I pursue, and I have yet to make my final decision as to the design I'm intending to build. At the moment, I'm leaning towards tweaking the design of my current limbs for a, hopefully, more stable/forgiving limb without compromising on speed. What I'd like is to build a set of Longbow limbs that can stack arrows all day with the more target oriented hunting recurves.

One final note on the Delta: I've been asked several times about offering a bow that draws over 60#. Until now, I haven't had a design that I believed I could track the draw weight well enough at the higher weights, With the Delta, I believe that a slight modification to the design and a new form will allow me to offer a set of specialty "Heavy Hunting" Longbow limbs for use on the standard riser. I will explore it further and keep you all informed.

For those interested in the ILF riser, I regret to inform you that the costs of pursuing a wooden/phenolic riser has left this project permanently on hold. As it stands, the prices in materials and taxes alone would make the project worthless- you could simply purchase any of the fantastic TradTech Risers for considerably less than what I would have to charge to make it monetarily worthwhile. The ILF Longbow limbs, however, are still in the designing/testing phase and I will update you all on any progress, good or bad!

Keep it coming with the suggestions and questions everyone. I'll try to keep you all updated on what's happening in the shop, but I need your feedback on where you want to see changes. Starting this winter, I will be making efforts to offer more eye-catching cosmetic options, and I've already modified the grip shape on the standard Omega to reflect a more consertive and elegant shape to better fit more shooters. I'm trying to offer as many unique, yet inexpensive, hard hitting longbows as I can!

October 23, 2013-

Work has begun on the new Omega ILF limbs. These limbs will be tested on a 17", 19", and 21" riser. Limbs will hopefully be available as soon as this winter. They will only be available as hybrid longbow limbs, no recurves. I will also not be offering a riser just yet.

The performance of the new Delta longbow has sparked interest in a new one piece design. Work on this new design will begin later this fall. The goal of the design is an incredibly smooth and stable bow for ultimate accuracy while maintaining high arrow speeds. If performance is on par, this will become the new Omega Longbow Imperial. This means that I will be simplifying certain aspects of the current Omega Longbow at the same time, and reducing the price. It will be available with the same options (stain, tiller, length, etc.), but with a simplified grip shape and fewer custom options. Hopefully this bow will also exhibit a D shape strung, making it legal for competition.

October 16, 2013-

With hunting season underway, I'll admit I've been spending more time in the woods than in the shop. However with the first meat in the freezer and time to think on stand, I've been mentall working out the kinks on my next projects, the ILF Omega longbow limbs, and the Omega Imperial.

Work on the ILF Longbow will begin this very soon. The goal is to design a set of affordable, hard hitting ILF longbow limbs to fill the void in the market. There just don't seem to be many longbow limbs available that are loaded with carbon or designed to break the bank before the speed barrier. I'm hoping to have the limbs avaialble in a variety of lengths from Shorts to XXLongs so that they can work for pretty much any shorter hunting riser already available. As it stands, the limbs will be available much sooner than the riser. If I do offer an ILF riser, it will be a very economical and straight forward design, hopefully available in either 17" or 19". The hardware, jigging, and material expense however are making it difficult for me to work on a price that's reasonable for both the customer and myself without sacrificing time or quality per riser.

Now, I have received several emails asking about the new Imperial. It seems that with the advent of the new Delta people are starting to look for an eye-catching Omega that looks as good as it shoots. After talking with several individuals, I have decided that the Imperial will be a Delta option upgrade. It will feature a different limb but that flows into the riser, with a more sleek appearence of a one piece bow. It will be built of only the best wood selections, and will come standard with genuine snake skin options. As longbows are my main focus, recurve limbs may not be an option. At the moment, there are plans of a possibly different limb core to increase performance, and a considerable section of the riser being made of phenolic as the standard. In essence, it will be a quick-assemble three piece longbow with the look of a one piece, the performance of a recurve, and the trim and finish of a true high end bow. Early work on this bow will begin the spring of next year.

October 4, 2013- 

Here in Pennsylvania archery season opens tomorrow morning, and I'm anxious to get in the woods with an Omega and make some meat. This summer has been a very productive, introducing several new bows and different options. For the time being, the Delta is "finished" in terms of R&D, and any further changes will be minor variations to the basic format. So far, the new take down is very rugged, reliable, accurate, and fast. It's also pretty eye-catching as well!

Starting this winter and into next spring, I will be starting work on the ILF longbow R&D. For the sake of simplicity and cost, I will be building my limbs first, and basing them off of the more popular TradTech risers from LAS. These limbs will be designed around the shorter risers (13-19"). I will eventually build my own riser to offer, but for the time I would like to get the limbs perfect first. Initial responses have been for a demand for a nice economical riser, but unfortunately this requires tool set up and jigging that I don't have. For the sake of cost and effectiveness, my first riser will be primarily wood, and as it stands the TradTech Pinnacle II would remain the better buy. Until I can offer a better price or better product, I will hold off on offering a riser. However, initial testing has show that not only can I build an economical ILF longbow limb, but it also appears to perform fairly well.

 The final goal for the ILF longbow limbs is to offer an inexpensive, hard hitting longbow limb that is incredibly tough with solid performance. There are a ton of really great risers out there, but finding longbow limbs, at a reasonable price, seems to be tough these days. It does not look like I will be getting into ILF recurve limbs though, as there are also a great number of good options for these as well.

 Best of luck to all of you this season, and please don't forget the video contest!

September 11, 2013-

It's seems there's a bit of confusion concerning the new three piece longbow and recurve. Although I will be getting into ILF here next, the "Delta" three piece bow is going to remain. It will not be replaced by the ILF, so anyone interested can continue to buy limbs after the ILF comes out. The original three piece, though it shot well, was not as popular, It's design also made it more difficult to reproduce efficiently, and for those two reasons I quit building it. The new design features everything people asked for in a take down, and will hopefully become a lot more popular than the original. The new three piece will also be the "economical" alternative to an ILF, which will cost about $150 or so more per bow, just covering the extra materials. Additional limbs will also be less expensive for the Delta three piece compared to the ILF.

I'm currently "perfecting" my Delta longbow limbs and slightly altering the shape of the riser. I would like a slightly sleeker appearence while keeping most of the mass, to appeal not only to recurve enthusiasts looking for a longbow, but also longbow enthusiasts looking for a convenient take down. The final design will be available immediately, and photos will be posted within the week. There have also been several requests for a "specialty" short riser for the longer longbow and recurve limbs in a shorter package. I need more feedback though, are people interested in a 16" as well as an 18" riser? Let me know folks. If you want it, I'll build it!

Concerning limbs, I mentioned before designing a new set of high performance longbow limbs. These will not be an alternative to the current longbow limbs, but rather will be replacing them. The new limbs are a little smoother, a little more comfortable (less recoil) and a little faster. They also have a more curvacious appearance, giving the bow some serious aesthetic appeal. I will be offering an "Imperial" set at a later date, which will be the same bow featuring phenolic overlays and riser, snake skinned limbs, and a commemorative hardwood travel case. This bow will feature all the same options as the standard Delta, including interchangeable limbs, but will of course have a few "extras" for those interested.

September 1, 2013-

The new "Delta" series three piece is going through its final tweaks and will be available this month. The bow will be available with longbow limbs (ranging from 62" to 66") and recurve limbs (62" or 66").

Soon, work will begin on the new ILF Omega limbs. The goal will be a set of budget ILF limbs that are incredibly strong but with solid Omega performance! The recurve limbs will be available at a later date, but the focus will be on building the perfect longbow limb first. Keep an eye open, I want them to be available by late October or early November.

August 23, 2013-

The official change over from Fast Flight Plus to BCY 8190 has gone into effect. As of a few weeks ago, any string I sent out was made of the new, better materials. These strings will remain more consistent and wear much longer than the old ones.

Also, just a quick reminder for some of you that have emailed me recently: if you're interested in a three piece longbow or recurve, please don't hesitate to let me know early. I'm working on a lot of different limbs and it would be nothing for me to make a set at your specs to test out. Also, to those of you interested in a discount on prototypes, please keep an eye out for the "In Stock" section. I will be putting discount prototypes up there. Keep in mind all prototypes or "blemish" models still carry a full functional warranty. I wouldn't send out a bow I wouldn't hunt with myself, and have actually kept blemish models for personal use instead of building myself a new bow in the past. Others still wanted them, so I will be selling them as they are with a nice discount.

August 22, 2013-

As everyone anxiously awaits hunting season, others are getting their money saved for a new bow to start the season off right. I've already gotten several emails from folks asking if the new three piece recurve and longbow will be available for hunting season. So to all of you wondering if you'll be able to get a new Omega bow for this year: yes! I'm making final modifications to the new longbow and short 62" recurve, and will be available around the beginning of September. The new "Delta" series three piece will offer longbow limbs in the standard 62-66" range, and the recurve will be available in a 66" or a 62" model; all based off the same riser. This will allow folks to "mix and match" economically, and also allow folks to inexpensively get started on a lighter weight and have a heavier weight for more serious hunting on hand, or have a longer, lighter set for target and a heavier, shorter set for hunting.

Initial tests have shown all bows shoot on par with my Longbow, so the wonderful Omega performance will be available from any and all versions!

For those interested in ordering early, please shoot me an email. I'd be more than happy to help you out as best I can!

August 3, 2013-

I want to start out by thanking all of you who have been taking the time to drop me a note with your thoughts and wishes about upcoming prodcuts. It makes things so much simpler and easier for me when you tell me what you'd like to see me build. For those of you who have already emailed me, thank you! For those who haven't but have some ideas you'd like to see, please, don't hold back! It helps me build better bows that you really want, which saves me time on designs that may not be as popular.

In keeping with that idea, it has come to my attention that a three piece longbow and a three piece recurve with non-interchangeable limbs is a bit of a issue for some folks. The three piece longbow, though matching my one piece in terms of similiar performance, has received some less than steller reviews by folks when mention of a three piece recurve requiring a different riser is brought up. It seems that much like myself, folks have big appetites for variety but can't afford completely different bows just to try something new. In keeping with that idea, I will be going back to the drawing board and redesigning new longbow limbs for the new recurve riser. This will give you three base options, Omega Longbow, Omega Shortbow, or Omega three piece ("Delta"). The "Delta" will hopefully be available with long recurve limbs (66"), short recurve limbs (62"), and Omega style hybrid limbs in several lengths, like the one piece bows. There is talk about possibly designing "specialty" recurve limbs in the future. An example would be short limbs for a long, stack-free draw, limbs optimized for shorter draw lengths, or limbs designed purely for target work. All based off of the same riser so that after the intial investment, the archer can experiment with different limbs for less than half the cost of a new bow.

Also, thanks to more input from folks looking to help, I will be experimenting with a new and different form of phenolic that is considerably cheaper. If it pans out, it will allow me to offer a heavier, stronger, more stable riser than the red oak standard, at only slightly higher price. in conjunction with the variety of limb shapes folks want to see, this would mean even more possibilities.

Also, thanks to the great folks at BCY I will be switching from Fast Flight Plus to BCY's 8190, the toughest high performance bow string material available. This means even more bang for your buck with longer lasting more reliable strings.

Keep an eye out for new designs, and please- don't hesitate to let me know what's on your mind!

July 30, 2013-

I've got several bits of news of the coming fall and end of the year. I'd like to first touch on bow changes coming up, and then on an upcoming contest I will be holding starting this fall.

Beginning the end of this year, I will be moving to split my bows into two lines, base and Imperial models. There will be a difference in finish quality and custom options, but nothing else. The base model will be a more or less production bow fit to you, where the Imperial will have a more labor intensive finish, phenolic laminations in the riser, and the custom options including new custom packages to make choosing an eye catching bow a little easier.

Starting this fall and running into next summer I will be holding a Hunting Video Contest. The contest will be for Omega shooters to showcase what these bows are made to do- make meat. Of the videos submitted the best video will be chosen and the winner will be given a brand new Omega Bow built to their specs. I will be adding a page specifically for details of the contest and submissions. Start preparing your cameras and sharpenning those broadheads, you could be one hunt away from a brand new bow!

July 24, 2013-

My last news post has lead to some great feedback. I love hearing from you folks, so please don't hesitate to send me an email and let me know what's on your mind!

Due to popular demand, I will be starting a new limb set for the recurve so that you can choose either a 66" or 62" bow, with slightly different shooting characteristics depending on your goals. I will also be pushing the testing through here much more rigorously so that I can have bows available this fall for hunting season. As a result, the two piece longbows will be a back burner project as prototypes are being put through the rigors of hunting season. In effect, I will be putting my efforts into the recurve rather than the two piece longbow. None of this will effect the three piece longbow, which goes on sale starting next week. It will be the first in the "Delta series", or three piece take down series. I will be adding the recurve, and several styles of limbs to mix and match with the two riser styles.

July 19, 2013-

It's that time of year again, when 3D season is inching to a close and many of us starting thinking about deer or other big game. If you have been toying with the idea of getting a new Omega for hunting season, now is a perfect time. Getting your new bow set up for hunting season is only half the battle, the other half is getting to learn all the nuances of your new weapon.

Speaking of new weapons, I'm happy to inform that the recurve testing is not only going well, I'm fairly certain I will be able to offer it in the next few coming months. I'm tweaking and fine tuning the design, but the goal and purpose remain the same: a long, crazy stable, ultra smooth recurve with Omega performance and a solid price. I think I've designed that bow. So far it has proven quite durable, and it's 66" length (only length I'll be offering this particular limb in) is butter smooth even for long draw archers. Shorter draw archers are also enjoying it's stability and cast, and even drawn only 26" it is proving fast, comfortable, and deadly accurate. I'm also trying to work the price so that a bow and spare set of limbs is only around $500, so that for the price of one bow a new archer can get an Omega with starter limbs and then heavier limbs for bigger game down the road.

I will also be finishing up the final touches on the Omega three piece longbow, the first in my "Delta Series" bows, or three piece take downs. The longbow is proving fast, smooth, and accurate, and the rugged Omega limbs are tough as can be. The bow price has also been adjusted to allow for future limb purchases without breaking the bank, and all new three piece bows will feature thumb bolts instead of allen wrench bolts to allow being taken down anywhere, without tools. Once final touches are made to the three piece, I will be moving on to the two piece. Once the two piece has been sorted out, I will be returning to the recurve for a final appraisal of the design and will offer it to all of you! I also have plans for two additional sets of limbs for the recurve, including a new style Omega longbow limbs that will work on the larger recurve riser, and a set of static recurve limbs in the hopes of even greater performance. Keep and eye it, this will be an exciting year!

July 1, 2013- 

Well, I finally got the Shortbow up and going for archers of all sizes, and it's ready to hunt! You'll note it is somewhat small and slender compared to most bows of today, and there's a reason for that- I wanted to design a modern composite bow with Omega performance, but in the basic over all design of the average North American Native's bow. These short, arc of circle bows have fed generations for thousands of years, and with the demand for compact bows, I only felt it fitting to design it after some of the most proven designs in history. The Omega Shortbow has already proven itself. A prototype has already drawn blood on a big game animal!

I have made several changes to how I finish out unfinished bows in terms of sanding and shaping, and because of the extra time I now invest I feel it necessary to increase the cost of the unfinished models by $10 to account for the extra hour I spend on average sanding each bow. The bows people receive now are truly ready to shoot and need little if any sanding to ready them for finish and stain. I feel that the price is still fair, but that the extra work devoted to each bow will help new archers finish bows themselves with less issue!

Also, coming this month will be a new "In Stock" section to my website. This will list all the finished or unfinished bows I have on hand that can be bought as-is for immediate shipping. Unfinished models can be altered somewhat in draw weight for no extra charge, and I will also have some "blemish" models that are finished out with skuffed finish at reduced prices. I'll be building a lot of bows to test draw weight charts and design quirks, and these new beauties will be up and available to you for immediate order opportunities!

June 17, 2013-

It's been a busy month since the last update as house work is finally nearing the "normal" level and I'm finally getting more time in the shop. First in the news, I am taking my next steps in "performance and accuracy" by working on the new Omega recurve. It seems I have the design laid out and the fine tweaking shall commence. It seems that the bow will be butter smooth, incredibly stable, and if I can work it right very quiet and fast. Other design news: the three piece longbow will be up and available in just a few short weeks after my new materials arrive, and the two piece will be getting its first trial run with the new materials. Keep an eye out for the new three piece longbow, as it will be the first one up and available for those interested in Omega performance in a more conveniently sized package!

Now, for those of you out there with a hankering for short limbs and petit risers, I'm speaking directly to you. The Omega Shortbow will be given a very special series of "trial runs" coming up hopefully next month. The plan will be to fine tune the grip and get this bow up and available for customers. The goal will be to have it available before this fall in hunting weights for tree stand and blind hunters, around the time the new three piece becomes available.

As for the other two, the two piece and the recurve, both of these designs will require a longer trial period. The Shortbow has already proven itself, as a 40# prototype was used by Mr. Dalton Lewis to bag his first wild pig, and the three piece is the same reliable design as my old model but with new enhancements for limb alignment, limb matching, and riser shape. The recurve is a new from-scratch design that will require thorough testing to determine durability and accuracy while the two-piece's reliability has yet to be seen with the new materials. I can't say for certain, but if they are up to the Omega name, you might seem them available in time for Christmas!

I would like to also touch on some new changes I'm making to my current formula. First, as a matter of necessity I have tweaked my finish formula and will be adding a new option to future orders in the form of an "epoxy finish base coat". This will give the customer a bow with an incredibly tough water proof finish that will make the bow compeltely impervious to weather, mud, or water. Also, it has been brought to my attention that certain individuals are taking advantage of different parts of my warranty. I have been in contact with several other bowyers and archery shop owners who are helping me modify my warranty to still cover in case of issues with workmanship to protect the customer, but also to protect myself against individuals looking for free toys or Cadillac quality for Kia prices. If you see changes in the warranty in the coming months, please know that any issues with the materials or workmanship are still covered and all original warranties still carry the same garuntees. I am simply a small time business trying to watch for people looking to take advantage and potentially ruin what I'm trying very hard to build. I'm sure most of you have been put in similiar situations yourselves!

May 21, 2013-

Well the big move is finally coming to a close. We're getting established and the many spots of work that need done are underway. Setting up the shop is being hurried along in hopes of getting back to building bows as quickly as possible. For all of you interested in placing an order, in need of a return shipment, or just need the new postal address for reference, please email me!

Once I get things sorted out and get going on orders, I'm hoping to get a jump on finishing the new three piece and the Shortbow. Next will be a few more tweaks on the Omega Recurve, and possibly a new two-piece longbow!

May 9, 2013-

Busy as the bees that float about the flowers outside! Getting the new family location set up and trying to get numerous customers' bows built and shipped have kept me quite busy, leaving little time for spring turkey or anything else for that matter. However, I'm happy to announce that I'm making good progress on the three piece. The new riser has been designed and is ready, and testing the limbs is underway on the longbow limbs, and the first set of recurve prototype limbs will hopefully be tested by the end of this summer. Keep an eye out this fall: the Shortbow will be fully tweaked for hunters of all ages and draws, and the three-piece will be available for the coming fall hunting season.

March 29, 2013-

With the coming of new weather will be coming a lot of changes for me personally and proffesionally. Starting in April I will be increasing the production rate of my bows, getting moved in to a new location with my fiance, and introducing two new models and a new custom option. The Shortbow is getting some much needed attention, and will be getting serious field testing soon. The first new three-piece Nomad prototypes will be shooting by the end of April, and hoping to have it tested and available before hunting season.

I will also be taking steps towards improving the core of all my limbs through heating and tempering my hickory laminations. By June I hope to have the first round of new two-piece bows shooting as well, and have them tested by the end of summer.

I'm excited about the many new ventures I'm intending to undertake, but family comes first and that means getting moved into a new house. I hope that all current and future customers will understand any delays in work, missed photos, or wait times for new bows. It's much appreciated!

March 14, 2013-

The Shortbow is getting glued up today! I'm hoping to have details worked out on this new design by the beginning of summer, end of spring. Also, as time permits I'll be experimenting with tapered laminations and different combinations in my standard model Longbow. I'm hoping that if it works out I'll either boost the performance or durability of the standard model, or at the very least make a competition legal "stealth D" bow. We'll just have to wait and see!

Now, in the following months I'm hoping to get moved into a new house with my lovely fiance, so time and capital might be somewhat limited for a time. As  result, I'll be forgoing the ILF venture for the time being. The hardware is much more expensive and therefore limits how much I can put into experimenting. However, by popular demand I will be revisiting the three piece Nomad design. This will be a completely new three piece bow however: a much larger, more stable riser, a wider variety of limb styles and shapes, starting with the standard high performance Omega hybrid limbs, and branching out to include a number of different lengths and possibly a recurve limb for those who like a bow with curves!

This will be an exciting summer, so please keep an eye out for coming updates!

March 1, 2013-

It's hard not to think how lucky I am I get to do this! The first 60" Shortbow is getting wrapped up. This model is for a young female friend, who didn't mind me drawing it to my ear to check the bend. Fortunately, the previous Shortbow design needs very little adjustment to be turned into a longer draw hunter model. Over the next couple weeks I'll be building another shortbow, this one with a more "large hand friendly". The new Shortbow option will feature a medium bulbous handle, to accomodate a wide variety of hand sizes and shapes, a compact 60" length with smooth, reflexed limbs that should give good arrow speed while still remaining comfortable for draws up to 30" or even 31". I'll be testing the bow for speed and accuracy myself, and then looking for an archer I can trust to put this stick "through the paces" to see how it holds up. Keep an eye out, I'm looking to have this one ready in just a few months!

After that, we'll start having some ILF fun...

February 24, 2013-

Gobble gobble! For many "turkey season" means Thanksgiving, but for those of us who hunt that means a chance for getting out in the spring and chasing a large, delicious target. With the spring fast approaching, I'm putting the final touches on the phenolic riser bow and beginning work on designing a new short bow for hunters. Unlike te Omega Short Bow this one will allow a full draw and hunting weights, while maintaining a shorter bow length for convenience in a blind or in the brush.

I'll be working on the short bow around my usual orders, but I hope to have it ready by the time most are gearing up to chase turkies in the early spring mornings!

February 12, 2013-

Well, family takes priority and lately family matters have kept me from experimenting and designing. I've been able to at least keep up with orders, but for several weeks now new projects have been on the back burner. However, make no mistake- I'm still thinking on new designs every chance I get!

A long promised option has been a solid phenolic riser. In march I will be putting the finishing touches on the first prototype bow featuring this new riser option, which means shortly after it will be available to you. In addition, I'm still working on the ILF design. I'm hoping to have ironed out at least the riser issues come spring, and by the end of summer have prototype limbs to try.

Upon special request I will also be redesgining a new "short longbow" for adults, something to use from tight blinds or tree stands. Because of limitations on time and materials, I won't be starting on the prototype until after spring. However, if the prototype doesn't have the flaws the first did, I will be making a point to have it available before hunting season this year!

So keep an eye out for some new designs and new options!

Januray 26, 2013-

If you stop, you're not just not improving, you're going backwards. The world will pass you by in an instant. So, as of today, I have made the decision to put the two piece on the shelf, perhaps permanently, in an effort to design something better... an ILF Omega Longbow!

ILF (International Limb Fitting) bows are becoming very popular these days, not only amongst target archers but hunters as well. These bows allow a degree of tuning precision that can help an archer reach the next level of accuracy. Now, not only are these bows extremely accurate, but they're also extremely convenient- you can swap the limbs from an ILF bow with any ILF riser to create your "perfect bow" for hunting or target, and dissambly requires no removing bolts or pins- just pop the limbs off. I'm hoping to design a bow with the presicion and convenience of an ILF bow with the performance and power of my Omega design.

This will most likely be quite an undertaking before I can get all the details sorted out, leaving me to believe it will probably be a year or so before this monumental task reaches the point where I can offer them for sale. In the mean time I am also experimenting with small adjustments on the standard one piece model to maximize power and accuracy in this already trusty design.

Keep an eye out, becuase I'm just getting started!

January 13, 2013-

Happy New Year's! With a new year comes change, including the much awaited clear glass option! However, it also comes with a new question: Where'd the take down go?

When I build and ship a one piece Omega, I'm not only completely satisfied that I would be happy to take it hunting myself, but also completely confident in it. Two new small issues have been made apparent to me, and rather than offering a bow that may lead to an unhappy customer, I'm going to rework the design a bit, tweak it a tad, and bring it back once I'm again confident. Thankfully the acid tests and testers usually find the issues before a poor customer winds up less than 100% happy with their Omega.

Now, as for the big intros- clear glass, and a youth bow! I am putting the finishing touches on a basic model "intro" bow: a very light draw weight bow, shorter, for youth, teens, and lady archers. With a max draw of 27" and a very reasonable draw it will fit the bill for those interested in getting family, or themselves, started with something comfortable yet zippy! In addition to the new youth model, the basic Omega is now going to be available with clear glass laminations. It will be a little extra in cost, but the beauty should be worth it for those who want the natural look of wood! Tentative price will be around an additional $50-65. I will know more once I finish working out the details!

October 24, 2012-

Well, I finally got the final details worked out for the new two-piece Take Down! By reinforcing the riser with phenolic it makes the riser indesctructible, and allows for a better shape- meaning a superior fit and handle. The new phenolic riser should be following soon!

October 15, 2012-

Well, the day has come for the new and improved Omegas to be available. For several weeks now folks have been receiving bows with some of the new design traits, including the new hickory limbs, handle design, and nock overlays. Now, however, I'm offering all of the new options! Any bow ordered from today onward will come standard with the newer, more comfortable grip and better gripping, more secure nocks. The hickory laminations, which have been available now for a couple weeks, ensure the strongest and most durable bows I can produce. Bows will also have a much finer finish. Several customers have complained before about the finish being "thin" or the bows having "marks". Finished models will now under go a much more thorough finishing process to ensure the best bang for your buck. Likewise, unfinished models are now ready for a much finer level of sanding than before, and tool marks are minimal at best. In addition to changes in the standard model, I will also be offering the two piece model again towards the end of this month, now much improved from my furst attempts. This take down now features a much more carfully fitted sleeve and more comfortable grip. The riser is now strengthened with a phenolic I-beam for superior strength, and the tenons will allow a much easier disassemble. I am also hoping to have the solid phenolic riser available as soon as the start of November, which is later than I wanted but had to be post poned due to back orders.

I hope this is the first step towards the future of Omega longbows- truly indestructible high performance hunting bows at the most economical price around

September 28, 2012-

I have received several emails inquiring about the price increases already, and want to take a moment to explain and elaborate some more on them. The first increase in price is the immediate need for covering the cost of using the hickory laminations in the bows. Hickory is a much stronger wood than maple, making for a more durable bow. However, it is more expensive to buy and also more expensive to work. It uses abrasives and saw blades much more quickly, and as a result costs more in the long run as well. This is a simple economic need, and one I was trying to be generous about.

The second price increase, to $335 for the standard model, will be effective October 15, 2012. I was made aware of several finacial obligations I should take into account when building, and several changes in my work and personal life have made it necessary to change the price as well. In an effort to create ever-better bows, I was devoting more and more time to each one, including after shipment to ensure a happy customer. However, the time devoted to each bow began to equate to an hourly rate of less than half minimum wage in some cases. My fiance and I have also begun talking about starting a family. It became a simple matter of economics at that point: raise the price to account for the time spent, or abandon it to look for better employment to account for our needs. I'm sure most will understand this necessity.

I want to make it clear that the increase in price will come with an increase in over all quality of my Omegas. I will be improving the strings, nocks, and bow grip. The finish will be improved upon, to give the bows an even more attractice appearence. I am discontinuing the rather unpopular Nomad, but will be offering an improved two-piece to take its place to meet the needs of Omega performance for the travelling archer. I am also starting on work developing an Omega high-performance recurve for those interested in the greatest performance and accuracy possible. Likewise, I will also be adding several new custom options all of which can be made to the standard model to elevate it beyond the level of performance hunting bow to truly custom weapon. I will hopefully be introducing the first of many helpful videos to aid people in seiting up and getting the most from their bow (whether it's an Omega or not). Most of all, I will be more demanding of how my bows turn out, which will mean a greater value for the customer as well.

September 21, 2012-

The first in the online video series will be uploaded no later than October 10. The first videos will be covering how to finish out an unfinished Omega and tuning your new Omega for best performance.

Due to an over all lack of interest for the design and steep competition, I will be discontinuing the three-piece model as a sales item soon. It will be available until the risers are sold, or until January of 2013, which ever comes first. In it's place I will be offering several new options for the standard Omegas, including a solid phenolic riser and clear fiberglass as a permanent option, and will be re-introducing the two-piece take down as well. The new two-piece will feature several new design improvements. In an effort to further improve my bows, I will also be looking into several new finishes and sealers, as well as sanders and methods for an over all finer bow and product, including upgrading the strings and servings, adjusting nocks, replacing the core, offering new stain and color combinations, and possibly introducing several options more associated with higher priced custom bows.

Unfortunately, I have been made aware of several expenses that need to be made for the sake of the quality and, even more so, availability of my bows. This will ultimately call for an increase in the cost of the bows, and tentatively the price would be in the range of $325 for a fully finished model, and around $270 for an unfinished model. I'm hoping that the improvements to the bows will offset these costs, and that the over all realtively low price for this sort of performance and craftsmanship will be enough to over come these hurdles.

September 13, 2012-

Starting October 1, 2012, bow prices will increase $15 on all models. This will be to cover the cost of the new limb core, hickory, and the abrasives used in grinding and shaping this harder, more durable wood. Hickory will increase the durability and longevity of the bows dramatically over maple, giving Omega shooters even more confidence in their equipment- with no loss in performance. Also, I will be adding at least three new stain options (with a stain example chart), as well as a new section devoted to tips and tricks to help the archer set up or personalize their bow. I will also be adding an arrow chart for helping folks select carbon arrows for their set ups, and hopefully the first in a line of videos specifically geared towards helping new shooters get an idea of how to shoot and set up their gear, and how to experiment properly with different tecniques to find what works best for them.

December 15, 2012-