Omega Longbows

Photo Gallery

Here are the three riser shapes currently available for the Imperial. From left to right: standard slim (ipe with accent, rounded grip), medium flare (two-tone oak, flat grip), and full flare (ipe without accent, flat grip). 


Here are two recent Natives for Joe Paranee (black phenolic) and Rod Jenkins (ipe). Both are accented with the flat grip.


For photos of the phenolic Native build and a video of the bow after set up, head over to TradTalk:



This is a special Omega Original I built for my brother out of scraps left over from other projects. The walnut limbs and riser came from a log our father had saved for almost twenty years. This model features clear fiberglass on both sides and the standard Original grip.


Here are some Imperials with the flared ipe riser and various grips. The top two are the flat grip, and the bottom is the standard locator. All three feature the whitewood riser accent option.


Here are the same bows from the back.

This is the new flat/recurve grip option. It offers a very consistent grip and channels the hand into the most efficient position on every shot. This is a medium-low wrist on a standard laminated oak riser Imperial, unfinished. This grip is available on all models.


Here is a close up of the new Omega Original grip. The updated Original is faster and smoother than ever before!

The new flared-ipe riser offers bow mass weights of almost three pounds, and gives a beautiful look to the bow! This particular bow also features the partial snake skin backing. 


Here is a photo of a two-tone Imperial with red oak and golden oak stains. The standard locator grip has a small flat spot added (not standard); the flat spot is a precursor to the new flat grip option.  

 Here is a close up of the Imperial standard locator grip. Because of the rounded palm swell I call this a bulbous locator grip. This bow features a red mahogany stain.

Here are two more Imperials featuring two-tone stains. The top features red oak and ebony, and the bottom is gunstock and natural.

Here is the first Original done with the then-new stain, "Classic Gray".

Here are a couple of snake cloth backed Originals made for a husband and wife. The green print is the rattle snake and the orange is the copper head. They have dark walnut and red oak stains, respectively. Unfortunately these cloth backings are no longer available.

Took this beautiful buck on my 2015 birthday with a new Omega Imperial and Simmons Broadhead! This bow features espresso and special walnut two-tone stains.

 The new Imperial take down! Using a G10 phenolic lamination inside the riser, the epoxy and fiberglass sleeve system gives no indication it's anything but a one piece bow. This is my personal bow and has the flat spot I like on the grip. This particular model went on to fill my freezer for 2016 with two fat does!


These two Imperials feature Sedona and ebony (top) and dark walnut (bottom).