Omega Longbows

Bows and Accessories

These are the currently available Omega Longbow models. Custom options and How to Order are listed towards the bottom of the page!


Omega Original... $375




This bow is designed to offer excellent performance and durability at an affordable price, a real "Working Man's Bow". Featuring a laminated red oak riser stained to your preference and limbs made from durable hickory, this is a hard hitting bow that's nearly indestructible. Capable of shooting a heavy, 10 grains per pound arrow at 180 feet per second, this bow trades frills for firepower. It's available in 62" or 64", and the updated models have an even smoother draw. The cut to center riser and comfortable locator grip allow for tight accuracy and ease of tuning. Bomb-proof phenolic tips allow for the use of high-performance string, and every bow comes fitted with a custom endless loop BCY-X Omega bowstring.

This was the bow I wanted to see when starting into traditional archery, and it has been the foundation for Omega Longbows ever since. I stand behind my bows and each one comes with a lifetime warranty applicable to the original owner. I hope it becomes a part of your family for years to come!

Available in 62" or 64" and draw weights up to 55#. Right or left handed. Grip available in round or flat locator. Your choice of stain.







 Omega Native... $450 




With the stealthy Native American archers in mind, this bow was built for the hunt. Featuring the tough hickory limbs and laminated oak riser standard, this bomb-proof 56" bow can handle draw lengths up to 31" without stacking. The split-riser design not only adds considerable strength but also allows for the attractive two-tone riser stain option. Designed for smoothness and forgiveness, this tiny bow is surprisingly accurate and spits an arrow with authority.

This compact bow fits a wide range of archers and applications, from small framed youth or lady archers seeking a comfortable target bow to long-draw lumberjacks looking for a more maneuverable hunting weapon. With a compact, angular riser it fits the hand very naturally and the sight window is full height, allowing for a wide range of shooting styles. The sweeping hybrid limbs smooth the draw and reduce finger pinch considerably.

Draw weights can be ordered up to 55#. Your choice of single or two-tone stains. The grip is available in flat or round locator. Measures 56" long AMO. 










Omega Imperial... $450 





This bow was designed to with accuracy in mind. The long oak riser holds steady on target and is balanced to point naturally, with ample delfex to make the bow forgiving of shooting mistakes. The highly reflexed limbs deliver great speed with low shock and no twist, launching heavy arrows with deadly authority. The limbs pull straight into a D shape with no visible reflex, making it legal for even strict longbow competitions. The long sight window is cut in a straight line to center to comply with regulations while remaining forgiving of a wide range of arrow weights and spines. Built with the same laminated oak riser and either hickory or maple limb core, this bow is built to last and carries the Omega lifetime warranty.

 Draw weight available up to 60# and bow lengths are available from 60" to 70", depending on draw length and application. Please review the 'Warranty and FAQ' for reference as to appropriate draw lengths for the different bow lengths. Your choice of one or two tone stains and either hickory or maple core (maple not available over 50#). Please specify round or flat locator grip.














Gift Certificate

You can now make a gift purchase or contribution to an Omega Longbow order for someone special! Gift certificates can be purchased in any amount starting at $50 to be used towards the purchase of any Omega products. Now you can give the gift of someone's dream bow, without having to get all the details and spoil the surprise!

Unfinished Omega Longbows (-$60 from standard price)

You can order an unfinished Omega, giving you the opportunity to truly personalize your new weapon. All unfinished Omegas  bows fully shaped, tillered, and sanded- just add stain and urethane. Very light sanding may be required to remove oils from handling or packaging and marks. All bows are ready to shoot upon arrival however bows must be finished within a week in order to prevent moisture damage. Unfinished models are built and shipped much sooner. Unfinished models still come with the standard custom high performance endless loop string and carry the same lifetime warranty as the finished models. Omega Originals are $315 unfinished, Imperials and Natives are $390. 

  Bow Length Draw Lengths* Draw WeightsPrice 
 Original 62" or 64" up to 31" up to 55# $375
 Native 56" up to 31" up to 55# $450
 Imperial 60" to 70" up to 35" up to 60# $450


* Please check 'Warranty and FAQ' page to determine what lengths can accommodate which draws.

In Stock Bows

There are no bows in stock at this time.


Stain Colors

I use Minwax "Wood Finish" stains. Here is their official website with examples of stains on red oak:


Spare BCY-X Endless Loop Omega Bowstrings... $17

These are the same high performance endless loop strings that I build and included with every bow, designed for minimal creep, maximum speed, and all around strength and consistency. Black BCY-X and BCY Halo serving are used for long lasting wear and a superior release. Specify bow length and model when ordering. Black only. 

Custom Options 

Custom grip shape (please provide photos)... $50  

Ipe* riser with accents (flared riser only available on the Imperial)... $100 

Black micarta riser with accents... $300 

Partial rattle snake skin backing with riser overlay... $200

Full rattle snake backing with riser overlay... $295 

Clear**, green, or brown fiberglass on back/belly (black on other side)... $65

Brown or green fiberglass on both back and belly... $110 

Accented riser cap... $25 

Refinish... $195 

* Ipe is naturally dark brown. Due to its oily nature it cannot be stained. Please specify if you want the whitewood accent or not.

**Clear fiberglass is not available on the belly. 

If you send me a section of solid hardwood to use for your riser there is no additional cost unless the wood is particularly difficult to work. For difficult pieces, or laminations, there will be a small up-charge for the additional time invested.

If there's something specific you might like in your bow please let me know!

Bow Socks... $25

My wonderful wife makes bow socks to protect your new Omega. They are a combination soft black and camouflage fleece with draw string. Colors vary.

"Try it Before you Buy It" Return Policy

If you're not completely happy with your new Omega Longbow, you can return it within 30 days, provided the bow is still in the same condition in which it arrived. Bows with obvious finish damage will be charged a $95 refinish fee. Any alterations made to the bow will void a monetary refund. See 'Warranty and FAQ' for more details.


How to Order

To order please email the following information to


1. Full Name

2. Shipping Address
  Billing address if different. Including a phone number is also helpful!
3. Bow Model
     -Left or Right handed
     -Bow length 
     -Draw weight @ Draw length
     -Stain(s) or Unfinished
     -Grip shape (flat or round)
4. All Custom Options
        This includes clear or colored fiberglass, maple core,  snake skins, etc.
5. Additional items 
        Spare strings, bow socks, etc.

6. Payment preference 
        PayPal, credit card, money order, or check. 


With the above information supplied your order will be registered.
The total and either a mailing address or electronic invoice will be sent.
Once payment is made the order will be placed and a start date set!


You're emailing me directly, so feel encouraged to elaborate on your desires in the new bow! If you have any questions please feel free to ask! If you would rather talk on the phone you can reach me on my cell phone at 724-406-4256 during regular business hours. 

Shipping for all bow strings is free, and all bows require an additional flat rate of $35 for shipping and handling. Shipping to Canada is an additional $25, and shipping to any other nation will be priced individually. To insure that the bow will arrive undamaged PVC will be used to ship the bow. Should a bow arrive damaged from shipping, the bow will be repaired or replaced as necessary and any finish damage will be repaired free of charge. Build time is roughly one month from start date. Please contact me at for current start date availability.

Payment can be made with a money order, personal check, credit card, or PayPal. Payment must be made in full before the construction of the bow begins. If the build date is not within the next month (30 days) you may make a $100 nonrefundable deposit to secure a place in line, with the rest to be made prior to starting construction. Build dates are subject to postponement if payments are not completed prior to the previously set start date.

As I am the only one involved in the entire building and sales process I ask that you please check my website for any questions or concerns you may have first, and please be patient as I handle all aspects of each build personally, one at a time!